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Startup Incubator Creativity - Diversity - Innovation

Vieux globe

Join the Creative Valley global community and join various exclusive events organized in one of our creative clusters or by our partners : Creative Talks, selection committees or private events gathering startups, corporate, public institutions and Creative Valley network 


Incubation programs

Across France and Europe, we assist international entrepreneurs in establishing their business. We propose an adequate penetration strategy and assistance based on client requirements

Startup Event & Visits

We are committed to promoting entrepreneurship and enhancing the startup community. We assist entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs in exploring the entrepreneurial world through a variety of public and private events

Startup Event & Visits

The Creative Innovation Club is established to foster worldwide entrepreneurial network. The Club brings together official delegations, entrepreneurs, legislators, diplomats, investors and business executives to form a business hub between ecosystems

We tailor our incubation programs to the specific needs of each startup. It may include one-on-one coaching/mentoring, group workshops, and matchmaking with professionals or partners.

Objectifs :

During the incubation period, we help startups conduct market and competitive research. Once we have analyzed the market, we help them get additional one-on-one mentoring to gain industry knowledge. Finally, we help them connect to the French network, so they can find partners, customers and investors.


1. Develop your network in France and in Europe

2. Learn about the internationalization of a company and prepare your activity accordingly

3. Obtain information on the French market and adapt your product

4. Set up a strategy to penetrate the French market

5. Improve the company's business model and improve its pitch to investors

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