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Since 2016, Creative Valley Operates CREATIVE FACTORY:

Gather around problems brought by large accounts of students from different schools, entrepreneurs researchers around projects to build. Crossroads between visions, skills, tools and methods, Creative Factory wants to open to all the opportunity to create, emerge and grow new ideas and projects. Creative Factory wants to create the meeting between different worlds so that they build together the projects of tomorrow.


Are you a big account (company, institution, public body)? Would you like to work with students, startups

Do you want to succeed in your digital transformation, the emergence of new businesses?

Your questions

What does a startup ecosystem look like?


How does it work and why?


What are the new trends?

Need to rethink

a solution / service?


Need to identify

new resources


How to implement

these new approaches

in a sustainable way?


How to evaluate

the benefits of

these innovations?

 DISCOVER.                              TRY.                              DEVELOP

Identify the best innovative startups in France and abroad on your issues


Visit our partner schools and our places of innovation, meet our startups


Organize a round table, meetup, conference on an innovative theme


Discover our latest technologies and innovations


Discover new ways of working (Design Thinking, Lean Startup)

Test new methodologies on your own themes


Work in multidisciplinary teams on your issues


Prototyping for new talent


Open your trades to external profiles to enrich your teams

To raise the problems to be solved


Integrate external actors into your thinking


Launch new projects / Prototype new solutions


Evaluate the benefits of innovative projects, including those we will be working together.


To perpetuate, to implement innovative projects in the long term

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Our network is composed of entrepreneurs, experts, and students motivated to collaborate and think about the creation of the economy of tomorrow. We work with the major digital schools (42, Epitech, Etna ...) of grandes écoles and universities (HEC, Paris Saclay, Essec), schools of Design (School Condé, Duperré ...). We host more than 40 startups, in high-tech and fast-growing fields.


We believe that we can all learn from each other. And you key accounts, have as much to learn as to teach future generations!


This initiative aims to help companies develop and recruit new ideas and projects; to help students integrate into the world of work through ideas that they are passionate about.


2016 // French Institute of Fashion - School 42 - Creative Valley

IFM wants to innovate in the world of fashion and integrate digital into their training projects.


Role of Creative Valley:

In order to develop the digital potential in the world of fashion, we organized the link between the IFM and the school 42 to organize joint training projects.

The goal is to combine skills in digital, digital and coding, with market vision and user needs.


For several weeks the students worked together to present a project of entrepreneurship. The partnership will be renewed next year and a possible topic around more creative projects around fashion and digital are in discussions.


Since JANUARY 2016 // School 42 - HEC - Paris Saclay University - Creative Valley


HEC Paris and 42, with the support of Paris-Saclay University and Creative Valley, are launching a new program, the Paris-Saclay Digital Entrepreneurship Certificate, for students and recent graduates of engineering schools in the Paris region. Université Paris-Saclay (which brings together 2 universities and 9 engineering colleges, such as Centrale Supelec, ENSAE, ENS Cachan, ENSTA, the Institute of Optics, Polytechnic, Telecom Paris). The goal: Students have to launch their startup ... in 9 weeks!


Role of Creative Valley:

Initiate the project, get involved in the coaching process and in the operational follow-up. participate in the juries, we accompanied the students during their evolution

GEF Startup

DECEMBER 2016 // School 42 - GEF - Creative Valley

GEFstartup - a hackathon for all women and all GEFstartup projects will allow any woman wishing to participate in the event to apply regardless of age, degree, maturity of the project, level of education or sector.


Role of Creative Valley:

Initiate the project and then participate in the event as a jury and accompanying projects. We then accompanied the winning projects in incubation. 4 startups from GEF Startups are currently continuing to grow with us.


Are you a school or university?

Would you like to carry out original projects with your students?

We offer schools and universities both to collaborate with each other but also to open up to the professional world. Our network is made up of entrepreneurs, experts, and motivated key accounts to collaborate and think about creating the economy of tomorrow. We believe that we can all learn from each other.

This initiative aims to help students to enter the world of work through ideas that they are passionate about and to engage in entrepreneurship within multidisciplinary teams.


APRIL 2016 // Duperré School - Creative Valley

We worked for one month with students from École Duperré, in second year of BTS Design Space, on the event space of Nucleus, a space managed in precarious for three years. The students had to "Imagine a modular layout for the Nucleus space vent, allowing the various actors to easily configure the place according to their needs and desires".


Role of Creative Valley:

We prepared the topic and the starting brief with the teachers. We then accompanied the students during the month of progress of their projects. We organized an exhibition of their work at the end of the project. Finally, we welcomed a project team to develop with them the prototype!

MATRICE is a program of innovation, training and production that brings together different schools, universities, companies and institutions around specific, ambitious issues that draw the intellectual and professional future of a sector.


MATRICE confronts sciences (human) and technologies, research and companies, students and professionals ... to seal new alliances within a single device that goes from the generation of ideas to the concrete production of solutions / tools that can give rise to an economic adventure ... whatever it is.


MATRICE is the culmination of a simple observation:

We are currently experiencing the transition from the industrial age to the digital era. All sectors are affected by this transition.

However, the human remains the first player in this digitalization. The technological revolution calls for a new anthropology.


MATRICE is both a school where the worlds confront and unite and an incubator welcoming entrepreneurs who innovate and produce for the world of tomorrow.

The pedagogy of MATRICE


      6 pilliers : 

  • Learning by doing

  • Team work

  • Full ownership of the project

  • Interdisciplinarity

  • Immersion and dialogue with actors in the field

  • Respect for the autonomy of the learner

Un accompagnement pédagogique transversal : 

  • An educational direction, to implement the program and continue to innovate through action.

  • Coaches, for regular sessions to develop global skills and learn to use the potential of the collective.

  • Openers, to help understand the codes specific to the professional circles concerned.

  • Technical experts, (entrepreneurship / management sciences, programming / code, scientific) mobilized when specific needs are updated.

  • A community manager, for calendar issues, rooms and materials, etc.


Matrice is : 

  • One or two major institutional or private partners

  • 1 training process over 10 months, declined in 4 phases:

    • Immersion

    • Élaboration

    • Production

    • Action

  • 20 to 40 students

  • 2 to 4 schools and universities mobilized (including Ecole 42)

  • 4 to 8 projects created and developed.

  • "Matrice is an all-terrain program, open to every professional field, every company, every community or public institution ..."

42 & Galeries Lafayette

4 MAY 2016 // School 42 Galeries Lafayette is organizing the 2016 "Challenge Innov'action", encouraging their employees to propose improvement ideas for the Group.


Role of Creative Valley: In order to help them develop the digital and digital potential of their projects, we organized the 1/4 final of the challenge at Ecole 42, and offered students to help the teams of employees. in the current and future development of their projects. The collaboration between these students and the employees works wonderfully.


The students who will be part of the winning teams will have the opportunity to integrate the development of the project within Galeries Lafayette!

Matrice Autism

Since January 2016 // School 42 - Condé School - Institut Pasteur - CRI The Pasteur Institute has difficulties in improving research against Autism, because there are few reliable data to rely on. The project is titled around the question: "How to advance research and the fight against autism?"


Role of Creative Valley: Launch the project by bringing together students, practitioners, researchers and parents of autistic people. Make the link between the different profiles, and look for how to finance the projects thereafter. The Institut Pasteur is the main propeller of this project, we offered him support and provide technical and financial resources.


Currently the teams are on 5 projects:


- My Voice: application to help people with autism to communicate and better understand their mode of communication.


- My Night: application to help people with autism who have sleep disorders and scientists to better understand the causes and consequences of these disorders.


- My Daily: an application to help parents and practitioners better understand children on a daily basis.


- Site Reference: site listing all the information needed to understand autism, certifying the sources of information.


- Backend: team that links the data retrieved by different projects in order to classify them and make them usable for research.

Matrice CPA

Since APRIL 2016 // School 42 - ENA - Essec - Césacom - Ministry of Labor - Employment Center - Caisse des Dépots The CPA is a 10-year reform that deeply reconfigures the social protection of activity and the individual in our country. The announcement of the President of the Republic, made real by the law "Rebsamen", now supposes to go to a second stage, that of the real construction of the CPA.



Role of Creative Valley: We believe that this initiative is not only a social reform emanating from the state but concerns every citizen. We proposed to the Ministry of Labor to bring together students from different points of view and skills around the issue to build a model that best suits the majority of citizens


All citizens are welcome to join the project and contribute to the emergence of this new model!

Onco entrepreneur

Since 2014 // Cancer Campus - Creative Valley Set up by Cancer Campus in 2014, the OncoEntrepreneur program supports the creation of businesses in health, awareness of the opportunities of entrepreneurship and supporting project leaders. Following a call for projects, selected entrepreneurs receive support and expertise in the early stages of their activity.

Role of Creative Valley: Partner of the 2016 edition, Creative Valley brings its network and expertise in support of student projects and early-stage. Cancer Campus and Creative Valley wish to bring to the program a digital dimension and new technologies, essential in the evolution of the world of health and the patients of tomorrow.