Creative Valley welcomes South Korean IT Startups !

March 14, 2017

As the first step in our partnership with Small & medium Business Corporation Youth Startup Academy (SBC-YSA), we had the pleasure to welcome South Korean entrepreneurs on 3rd March 2017.


Following the Mobile Word Congress hold in Barcelona, 10 startups from Informative Technology (IT) and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors came with CHOI Won Woo, Director of SBC Youth Startup Academy and PARK Seong Tae, SBC YSA’s Manager.


The delegation visited Ecole 42 with Nicolas SADIRAC its Director. Alongside Creative Valley, Ecole 42 signed a MOU with SBC in July 2016.



In Creative Valley, we were joined by Business France and Paris Region Entreprise who presented France ecosystem and Business opportunities as well as some French supports for International companies, like the French Tech Initiative and the French Tech Ticket program in which Creative Valley is a partner.


Startups from Creative Valley’s ecosystem and French Tech Tickets program also joined the delegation during the afternoon to present their projects and network with the South Korean CEO.




About the Delegation:

ARENDEL CO. LTD, specialized in baby products for the global market, has been already beloved by Korean consumers for its sensitive design and excellent quality. Furthermore, we have invented new mobile platform matched advertisement, prompting, commerce with video in tv, pc via smart phone.


“Fashionable innovation for healthcare.” Wearable Healthcare Inc. is a professional value-centered company. Our purpose is to bring innovative healthcare technologies into the world in the format of a commercialized product. We exist for contributing healthcare to the global society though a variety of wearable devices.

ELTRAN Main Item (since 2016)
– Thin tactile sensor in button (film type) The tactile sense of the finger can be detected
– UX/UI using by Force sensor
Preview UX: able to input without move to eyesight
Gesture UI: able to aware Gesture in physical button
– Comfortable input in Smart TV remote easy input at lean back state using conventional remote


WRD provides a breath-taking racing experience with mixed reality.

Apex Link is the device that promises the exceptional FPV RC racing. Apex Link connects the racing simulator and the RC vehicle to transmit the control data and full HD video with zero latency. In that way, people can drive the RC vehicle watching the same point of view from the vehicle.
Apex Link will take you to the next level of the racing environment keeping you safe. It is compatible with racing wheels and RC vehicles on the market.


Cubroid regards creative thinking as the most valuable asset.
Cubroid is an everlasting educational material that develops logical thinking skills and creativity with fun! Kids can experience fun, learning, creativeness, logic, art, etc. at the same time through Cubroid and can move closer to the integrative talented people who have various capabilities.



Asvals is the company which has a great deal of loT, Big-data, AR integration solutions. Our main job is to find out where the leaking points are through sensors in water supply or drainage systems. We are also trying to promote the public interest, which means increasing water flow rate through Big-data Algorithm.


Nuguna Neckband was developed to make life a little more pleasant for the deaf and hard of hearing. Every day there are events that try to grab our attention through sound, whether it be an alarm clock, electronic devices or a car horn. However, hearing aids are often only used periodically when the user realizes that a sound is going off. Nuguna Neckband offers the deaf and hard of hearing an intuitive way to realize when something or someone is trying to grab their attention thereby helping to prevent accidents and offer peace of mind.


KYENG develops a wireless device that delivers values from the general industrial measuring instruments such as digital calipers, digital scales, digital, push-pull to a PC or a smartphone. Simple and easy buttons systems make customers transfer the value(results) to ones at once. In addition, it is possible to display “O, X” as entering the maximum value and minimum value to control quality of product. The device name is ‘QC MANAGER’ Our company is one of best company in the smart factory device, Korea.




About SBC-YSA:

The SBC is a non-profit, government-funded organization, established in January 1979 with the goal of contributing to the development of the national economy by efficiently implanting projects to promote SMEs. The SBC, now in its 35th year, was founded for the purpose of buttressing SMEs, which serve as the backbone of the domestic industries after going through the first and second oil shocks of the 1970s. 

SBC Startup Academy is a global entry start-up academy program in which up-and-coming startup firms are given a helping hand to make their way overseas will be expanded so young CEOs can draw up their vision for exploring foreign markets when they launch their start-up companies. This program is part of SBC’s efforts to build a virtuous cycle of a corporate ecosystem that will facilitate start-up businesses, growth, and renewed challenge.


About Ecole 42

Ecole 42 is a Non-Profit Organization co-founded by Xavier Niel. 42 is open to anyone who is between the ages of 18 and 30 whether they possess an academic degree or not. The training is absolutely free-of-charge; in this non-profit organization, no registration and no tuition fees will be required before, during or even after attending 42.
42 offers its students the very best in terms of IT resources in order to make it possible for them to work in the best conditions regardless of the personal resources available to them elsewhere.


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