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Vitaly Charushin is a distinguished researcher and expert in Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, and Business Strategy. As a key member of the Creative Valley team, he leads the StratUp Journey Program, where he provides extensive coaching to startups, and spearheads the open research project "Cracking the Code." This project serves as a dynamic discussion platform for neuroscientists and data scientists to explore AI and consciousness.

Vitaly's educational journey began with a Master’s Degree in Teaching English. He furthered his executive education in various business-related subjects at prestigious institutions, including the Rotterdam School of Management, Cambridge University, and Harvard University. This extensive educational background has always complemented his hands-on business experience.

In his professional career, Vitaly has held corporate roles across diverse industries, focusing primarily on business development and sales. He has also successfully launched several businesses, leveraging his strategic insights and innovative approach.

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