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SDK is the program offered to all residents of Creative Centers

but also to all outside start-ups seeking help from Creative Valley. More generally, the program is divided into two offers and thus adapts to all projects and their maturity.

Startup Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK is a set of tools, contents, animations proposed to the entrepreneurs, carriers of innovating projects to guide them in the various stages of their development and to bring them the necessary elements of support to their success.

The SDK offers a panel of support workshops, expertise and networking actions.

It gives access to the meeting rooms, workshop spaces and common areas of the Creative Centers.

The SDK relies on network activation of members, the role of immersion in the ecosystem, independent experts and mentors to boost business projects.

The contents of the SDK

· Included in Creative Valley's hosting offer.

· As a subscription to non-resident project holders.

Workshops :

Experts offer workshops to pass on their skills to project leaders. Open to all, they maintain a dynamic exchange between various profiles: entrepreneurs, students, executives, researchers, freelancers and curious. The workshops are filmed and broadcast live on Creative TV Web. This allows companies to follow a remote workshop and review it offline to further the topic.

« START » Workshops

A one-year program of workshops covering all aspects of starting a business and the early stages of its development.

The annual program is subject to change:

1. The key elements of innovation

2. Entrepreneur and management

3. Intellectual Property and Trademark

4. Economic model

5. Business Plan

6. Contracts

7. Personal data

8. Distribution of the share capital and its evolution

9. Market

10. Business Development & Negotiation

11. Learn to pitch in front of investors

12. Financing

« UP » Workshops

One-off workshops to meet the specific needs of residents or simply to discover new approaches and ideas.

These workshops are intended for the entire community.


A mentor is assigned to the entrepreneur to help formalize his project and guide him in a personalized way. He guides the startup in his strategic choices and gives him access to a network of experts and influencers. Mentoring is a volunteer activity and is not intended to provide operational support for the project leader.


Creative Valley offers its residents the opportunity to get interviews with our qualified experts. Entrepreneurs meet experts in our centers for personalized work sessions.

Scheduled permanence:

1. Legal permanence

2. Financial Accountability (Financial and Tax)

3. Permanence Financing and Fundraising



Building an ecosystem and momentum within the Creative Valley Network is one of the most important points of our philosophy. Outside of open training workshops, Creative Valley organizes less formal networking events to enable residents and external project developers to build trusting relationships.



A Creative Commons contract base is being built with one of the privileged legal experts of our network to give solid and qualitative bases to the project holders (statutes models, pacts of partners, CGV ...).

* Creative Commons, standard contracts or licenses for the provision of works online. Inspired by free licenses, open source and open access movements, these licenses facilitate the use of works (texts, photos, music, websites, etc.).


SDK premium :


The Premium SDK offers personalized follow-up by a Creative Valley Chargé d'Affaires for one hour per month. This accompaniment is a reinforcement of the mentoring program and provides more operational guidelines to guide the creator in his career.



In addition to filmed workshops, digital content will be made available to project leaders to help them according to their needs, constraints and timing.

· The contents allow you to keep up to date with critical elements related to the creation of a business (5 to 10 minutes). They are conceived as dematerialized courses which make it possible to easily find an answer and to better prepare the meetings with the experts.

· The contents are planned in sensitization course; they address all the fields of business creation. They are built over the water, added according to requests of the incubated and updated with the evolution of the regulations.

The digital content base will be built from January 2019.




Companies benefit from negotiated rates with network experts. The hourly cost varies according to the experts and their field of activity.



Creative Valley offers group workshops with guaranteed deliverables. The expert who facilitates the training on a day ensures the follow-up of each company For example, to finalize its statutes beyond the day of workshops. The deliverable is guaranteed through personalized monitoring between the expert and the project leader.

In the framework of the legal workshops that we carry out with our partners, the participants rely on a standard contract basis in Creative Commons. They can thus share their questions, remarks, constraints to personalize the statutes.




Companies can benefit from a strategic audit of the CREATIVE ONE investment committee (network of business angels made up of entrepreneurs) at the end of their first year of support. Depending on the conclusions of the audit and the will of the founders, fundraising can be initiated.


Art, Design and Digital (ADN_) are the three main fibers of this program deployed in a special Creative Center: Station F! Each session lasts 10 months (September - June), you can apply too...             

                                                                                        It happens here! -->



The ONCO-ENTREPRENEUR program results from the association of Cancer Campus and Creative Valley. He accompanies innovative startups in the medical field. To participate, you must answer a call for projects that takes place every year until the end of September. The program lasts 6 months.

Created in 2014 as part of Cancer Campus' mission to support entrepreneurship, the OncoEntrepreneur® program supports innovative projects towards business creation. In 2016, Cancer Campus partners with Creative Valley to develop the "health and digital" axis and implement new tools.

Cancer Campus is a non-profit organization established in 2007 with the County Council of Val-de-Marne, the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, and the Gustave Roussy Hospital, Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals, Territory 12 - Val-de-Bièvre, the City of Villejuif and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The purpose of the association is to support innovation in cancer treatment in all its forms. Working in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, patient organizations, companies in the sector and public authorities, Cancer Campus develops and animates an ecosystem around Gustave Roussy; at national and international level.

The Project

The Onco-Entrepreneur program offers 9-month support for innovative health-oriented startups (with an oncology application). Accompanying helps to move from the idea to the first fundraising and is aimed at all types of start-upers.

The project holders will benefit from a complete support:

· Master Class in a dozen leading fields

· Mentoring 

· Accommodation in one of the Creative Centers



The Lean Cyber ​​Accelerator (LCA) is an acceleration and incubation program dedicated to IOT, robotics, complex systems as well as cyber security companies. Its two objectives are (a) to support companies with high technological potential in their product process, (b) to prepare the scaling up of these companies by confirming their abilities to manage hyper growth (scalability) constraints cyber security and their social impact (For Good).

This program is co-financed by the European Union as part of the ERDF programs of the Ile-de-France Region. It will be opened in the last quarter of 2018 and operated in 2019.


Encouraging business transformation through digital and product diversification

Support the development of innovative companies with a strong technological component and dependent on strong cybersecurity constraints


TECHNOLOGY - technical feasibility and construction of barriers to entry

SECURITY and the viability of solutions

OPERATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, commercial and international


The specific contents of the ACL


· In addition to SDK support elements

· In addition to the accommodation offer

· As a subscription to outside carriers.



The contribution of competence is done by the programming of workshops and the putting in contact with experts.

The objective is to bring product design and business services skills, taking into account the notions of ergonomics, interface, connectivity.



1. Connected Object Design: Functional Design, Connectivity and Interfaces

2. From prototype to industrialization: cost, time, industrial constraints

3. Usability of use

4. Communication Protocols and Connectivity

5. Modality of communication between the object and its environment

6. Performance monitoring of web applications ...

7. Personal data and Bigdata



1. Corporate data theft

2. IOT: secure development

3. Web projects: secure development

4. Encrypting messages, encrypting backups

5. Ranged attacks and other threats

6. React to hacking

7. Investigation

8. Network architecture and security



A mentor is assigned to the entrepreneur to help formalize his project and guide him in a personalized way. He guides the startup in his strategic choices and gives him access to a network of experts and influencers. Mentoring is a volunteer activity and is not intended to provide operational support for the project leader.



In order to natively integrate security issues into projects, the program implements a shared Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide the necessary skills to beneficiaries, monitor risks and work on the robustness of companies.


A security expert is on hand to test and manage the IS security of the program's startups.

The LCA program is co-financed by the European Union as part of the ERDF funding of the Ile-de-France Region



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Objectives: Expand your activities on the French and European market:

o Confirm that your business plan is suitable for your market target,

o Measure your potential market size, Identify your customers by relying on our sector experts,

o Meet key people and partners

Collective program

o Workshops on the French startup ecosystem, business development methods, marketing strategy, public and private financing, business creation and the legal and tax aspects of setting up in France etc.

o Visits of the Ile-de-France innovation ecosystem, exhibitions ...

o Pitch Training and Demo Day Sessions

o Networking organized by Creative Valley (Meet-up, team building, cultural activities ...)


Individual program


o Meet with two mentors specialized in your sector to accompany you in your discovery of business France.

o 20 hours with Coach Experts from different sectors



To follow this program, startups must respond to the call for projects before December 18, 2018!

Do not forget to download the "executive summary" file and prepare your deck before starting your application.

Do not wait any longer, sign up!

Let's be API-er !

Plus d'informations

Executive Summary

Aides & bourses 

Creative Valley Scholarship

> For 3 startups, possibility to have a scholarship covering 50% of program costs.


KISED (for Korean startups),

> 100% of your expenses are covered if you are selected Contact us for more information


Start of the program: Beginning of February 2019