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We solve problems simply and creatively


Creative Cluster is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing innovation development within our regions. Our mission revolves around cultivating innovation ecosystems throughout France and expanding our influence globally.

Our approach commences with harnessing the strengths of regional sectors of excellence. Through orchestrating acceleration and open innovation initiatives, we empower pioneering projects to take flight.

Since our establishment in July 2012, we have guided numerous startups spanning diverse domains such as healthcare, smart cities, and cultural and creative industries, as they chart their growth trajectories.

In our day-to-day pursuits, we assume a pivotal role in propelling regional economic progress and nurturing innovation. Remarkably, we have been instrumental in establishing several co-working spaces in the Île-de-France region.

Addressing Issues through Simplicity and Creative Solutions.

Our conviction, now backed by experience, is that by harnessing emerging technologies—often characterized as disruptive—we have the capacity to provide entirely fresh solutions to age-old challenges.

AI, big data analysis, work on digital twins, virtual and immersive reality are tools we enthusiastically deploy in collaboration with startups from our community. Together, we endeavor to tackle challenges entrusted to us by major public and private institutions, both within France and internationally. 

This approach is at the forefront of research, innovation, and the implementation of technology, and relies on a high level of creativity to address real-world issues. This is what we call market or demand-driven innovation.

Creative Cluster provides comprehensive support to companies throughout their entire lifecycle—starting from the germ of an idea to eventual listing on the stock market.
It encapsulates the journey.

From seed to flourishing tree.



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