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KOCCA – Launchpad program Edition 2021 – Pre-selection

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Creative Valley welcomes Korean startups operating in the cultural industry to enter the French market !

For the second time, Creative was selected by the Korean Creative Content Agency – a Korean government agency in charge of supporting the development of Korean culture abroad – to operate the 2021 edition of the Launchpad program.

The purpose of this program is to accelerate promising Korean startups operating in the cultural field which encompasses many different industries : Entertainment, VR-AR, Cosmetics & BeautyTech, FashionTech, Gaming, K-Pop, etc.

More than 70 startups were enrolled in the program and had to choose a destination between the US (Mind the Bridge), Finland (Maria 01), Singapore (Awesome Ventures), UAE (Shorooq Partners), Japand (01 Booster) and France (Creative Valley).

11 startups chose France and have entered the last step of the selection process. During the month of July, the 11 startups individually met French experts of their field in order to determine their potential on the French market. On July 29th, they will have to pitch in front of a jury that will select 5 of them to effectively enrol in the program operated by Creative Valley from the end of August.

Let’s discover these 11 promising startups :

1. AJOA is a video-sharing app that allows you to receive personalised video messages from your dream celebrity. As of June 2021, more than 80 celebrities have joined the platform and 13 000 users received congratulations or cheering messages from them. The global rise of K-Pop and Korean dramas is already a great source of attractivity for AJOA.

2. From the Red has developed a gaming platform where users can freely try new games launched by neophyte video-game developers. It allows players to discover new games and enables developers to test the success of their game with users and to earn some additional income thanks to advertisements. The platform offers 25 exclusive games and relies on a solid user basis of 250 000 MAU.

3. Full Dive Technology has built a mechanical arm in order to live even more immersive VR-AR experiences. Its technology is quite unique as it is fully independent and does not rely on a separate positioning equipment. The device can deliver impressive tactile sensations to provide an experience working on all senses. With more than 20 partnerships signed with overseas companies, the Korean startup received quite some attention from local media.

4. Me clouds provides, through its platform Towish, VR/AR technologies that aim at challenging the Korean travel industry with distance immersive travels. The startup can count on the development of the 5G network and on the great expertise of the travel and the VR industries of its team in enabling people from abroad to visit Korea without having to travel thanks to its technology.

5. Platfarm offers personalized stickers and emojis adapted to users’ conversations. It has reached an advanced development phase : with solid contracts with the major players of the market, notably Facebook, the startup counts more than 50 million downloads and has around 10 million DAU.

6. Robogram provides playful learning classes for coding that can be deployed in schools for children. It has equipped more than 60 schools in South Korea with great feedback from the 3000 students using its learning contents.

7. The Blessed Moon offers a complete and convenient Korean cosmetics kit (find the demo on this link. The startup currently sells its products to more than 35 000 clients around the world. No doubt than Korea’s reputation in the cosmetic industry will be a great asset for the company in its global expansion.

8. Voyager the 3 provides, through its platform nROUND, an interactive edutainment service which allows the users to watch and to follow dance and fitness tutorials live while interacting with the instructors. It allows its 20 000 users all around the world to learn K-pop choreographies remotely from the best instructors.

9. EV Pass has developed its own IoT architecture which provides information on the spot for scooters’ drivers with hazardous situation alerts, the current traffic status and travel recommendations. It enables close watching on fallen or abandoned scooters.

10. Beatflo offers an automatic ranking system for dance videos on social networks. It stimulates competition or collaboration by merging videos of dancing performance automatically in order to generate audience and personalised recommendations. It has reached more than 20.000 users.

11. Waynehills tackles the problem of unread wasted printouts for companies. Thanks to its automatic processes it allows businesses to create trendy and interesting contents for potential customers, thus reducing costs and effectively providing intuitive and easily accessible contents. After its launch in 2019, Waynehills generated more than 800.000$ of revenue in 2020 and plans to multiply its turnover by 10 by the end in 2021.

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