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The challenges of on-demand and digital production

Return on the webinar of the November 9th 2021

As part as the digital transformation program "DIGITAL@MODE", a series of webinars organized by the DEFI and Creative Valley adress the different issues of digital. Return on the November 9th event, which had for theme the on-demand production.

We had the pleasure to receive Pierre-Aldéric Boëgler, Head of Sales at Tekyn, specialized in digitalization and automation of the textile production experience, accompanied by Chrystelle Gautier, ready-to-wear Director at La Redoute.

During this exchange, animated by Carole Barkatz, many subjects have been discussed to answer to the following problematic :

« How to get into the on-demand production to improve economic and environmental performances through digital ? »

What is the on-demand production ?

The on-demand production is a "pull" production, that react expressly to the customer demand. We only manufacture what is sold, thus privileging the quality of stocks over the quantity. That makes it a major lever of company strategy and digital transformation of the production

"The on-demand production represent a paradigm shift : we move from a push system to a pull one, in which the production tool answer to the end customers demand" Pierre-Aldéric Boëgler, Head of Sales - TEKYN

The "Test & Learn" solution offered by Tekyn, and already adopted by La Redoute since 3 years, is a total rethinking of the production model, led by the real demand of the customer.

Each week, the sales are analyzed for a more relevant restocking in order to produce the right amount at the right time, as opposed to the usual production, which sends between 50 and 80% of the collection at its launch.

This analysis gives rise to a process of interconnected actors that puts the global value chain into perspective and reveals a digitalization accelerated by numerous technological, social, environmental, economic and geopolitical factors. They respond to the major challenges facing the textile industry : an extremely competitive market, a volatile customer base, and the overriding question of sustainable development.

The benefits of such an approach

The main strength of this on-demand production is agility and adaptability in real time, since we react at what is happening on the market and not to a projection on the future.

Moreover, the benefits of this system are numerous :

  • Customer centric at its best,

  • Environment friendly, by avoiding over-production, and by reinforcing the proximity production in EU (reduction in CO2 emissions and the waiting period)

  • Cost-effective, since we can see an increase in turnover around 30% with a final margin over than 10% thanks to this adjustment of the stocks, which allows a flexibilization of the fabric, and thus to produce more models with the same quantity,

  • The implementation of a collaborative system of federation between workshops and brands, for a co-building of a new supply chain more sustainable and efficient.

In short, the effectiveness of Tekyn, and more broadly of the digitalization of on-demand production is embodied by simplicity, rationality, and immediacy. For ready-to-wear brands that would like to eco-design, La Redoute is paving the way on this paradigm shift.

An event which has generated a lot of interest and interactions among the brands and actors of the clothing industry present.

If you missed it, or would like to see it again, here's the link to receive the presentation as well as the replay of the webinar put at your disposal by the DEFI :

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