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At the heart of the issues and innovation in the digital field, and always in the guideline of accompanying brands in their digital transformation, the DEFI with the Creative Valley collaboration have imagined a new webinar format, shorter and focused on practical and specific topics.

These thematic workshops will focus on the new digital tools and professions, to help brands to discover or rediscover the tools that will enable them to be more productive in their day-to-day missions, and the professions that are becoming more and more essential in many sectors.

As presented above, the digital transformation has become a crucial challenge for companies. Between the increasing digitalization of our society, and the recent Coronavirus crisis which accelerated this process and highlighted our shortcomings and the urgent progress to be made, these tools enable a greater productivity and fluidity between teams, and thus an improved company performance. The same applies to the digital professions, which for some may still seem a little abstract, and yet are well established and require specific skills to meet the new needs of today and tomorrow.

By setting up these workshops, the ambition of DEFI and its partner Creative Valley is to present this digitalization in practice through numerous professions and tools among the most useful for your organisation, so that you can understand the importance and benefits they can bring you : automation, collaborative data bases, ideation process, prospecting...

In this new webinar format, you will therefore be able to discover various workshops like the profession of community manager, UX manager, productivity tools such as Notion or Airtable, or those to manage your E-reputation etc.

We will come back to you to communicate to you the dates and registration links for each workshops, but from now on, we present you the first workshop in this series, which will be dedicated to the Growth Hacking tools.

It will take place on the 11th October from 11 to 11:45 am and will be led by Thomas RICHARD, Sales Management and Growth Hacking expert, and Co-founder of Ton Temps, a company that accompanies individuals in order to teach them how to save their time, before to earn it, thanks to AI. Thomas is passionate about helping brands and people to find hacks to perform in their businesses.

Through this presentation, you will discover many tools, as such as tips and practical cases that you will be able to implement in your organisation, in particular the automation of your tasks, the contents to be set up, the acquisition of new sources of traffic, or the implementation of an adequate prospection...

It's your turn to become an expert for whom Growth Hacking will no longer hold any secrets!

To register and attend the event, here is the registration link :

We hope to see many of you at this first event in this promising series, and to exchange with you on these exciting issues.

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