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ANDAM Fashion Innovation Award 2022 : Ever Dye, new winner

Les co-fondateurs : Amira EROKH et Ilan PALACCI

On the occasion of the ANDAM jury's deliberation which will take place on the June 30th, Creative Valley proposes a serie of articles to present you the innovative companies selected to benefit from the institution's support and our expertise as a gas pedal. We inaugurate the first article by introducing you to the winner : Ever Dye, a young start-up which aims to revolutionize the use of color in fashion, with a cleaner and faster plug-and-play ecological dyeing process.

It's at la Caserne that the former minister Fleur Pellerin, president of the Korelya investment fund and expert committee's member for the Innovation category, announced the name of the award winner for the 2022 edition. The jury met on the last April 20th, in order to study the applications proposing innovative solutions for the fashion industry.

So Ever Dye is the big winner this year. The start-up founded less than a year ago by Ilan Palacci and Amira Erokh succeeded in convincing a prestigious committee gathering fashion and tech personalities : “Textile Dyeing is responsible of 20% of the world's ocean pollution. We develop a new dyeing process combined to a bio-sourced dye to clean-up the dyeing process and give back to fashion creators, the tools of expression that preserve our environment. Designers from all industries are looking for methodology and innovative processes that combine creativity and sustainability. We are part of this trend with an unprecedented scientific advance.” A scientA scientific innovation which allows to answer the problematic around the time and the decarbonization of the process but also to the more important stakes which touch the textile industry: "The fashion industry lives a deep transformation of its manufacturing processes. From raw materials to dyeing and manufacturing, all processes need to be reinvented and decarbonized."

Since the company's inception in August 2021, the two partners have experienced a meteoric acceleration: "Everything has accelerated very quickly, we have been able to conduct initial large-scale trials to test the technology, have recruited nearly 10 researchers and engineers to accelerate the development of our solution." On its momentum with recognition from industry players as a bonus, Ever Dye does not hide its ambitions: "We need to finalize our research work on a laboratory scale before scaling up our solutions to succeed, by the end of the year, the first industrial textile dyeing at room temperature. At the same time, we will continue to increase the number of employees and recruit many scientific, industrial and business profiles."

In addition to a €70,000 prize, Ever Dye has been awarded support from Creative Valley and the ANDAM network: "It's an honor to have won the prestigious ANDAM prize and to join the list of winners. We hope that this prize and the associated support will allow us to accelerate our go-to-market and grow our strategic vision."

Ever Dye website :

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