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ANDAM Fashion Innovation Award 2022 : Eva Engines, finalist

Les cofondateurs : David Zerah & Céline Delaugère

On the occasion of the ANDAM jury's deliberation which will take place on June 30th, Creative Valley proposes a series of articles to present you the innovative companies selected to benefit from the institution's support and our expertise as a gas pedal. We dedicate this article to Eva Engines, finalist for this edition. Their virtual prototyping technology allow to transform a sketch and convert it into a digital model. Founded in 2019 by Céline Delaugère and David Zerah, the start-up wants to digitize product development while reducing material waste.

Former international model, Céline Delaugère also has an engineering degree from the École des Mines and Dauphine specializing in artificial intelligence, which follows a degree in mathematics. She meets David Zorah during her journey with whom she will embark in the entrepreneurial adventure : “In 2019, when we launched the start-up, we were aware of the immensity of the task of transforming the industry. We were also aware of the gap between the possibilities offered by technology and the reality of how brands work." explains Céline Delaugère.

Looking at the challenges of digitization and eco-responsibility in fashion, Celine and David see the possibility of helping the industry with artificial intelligence. The solution they developed facilitates the transition of a sketch drawing into a realistic model in a matter of seconds. Integrated with a SaaS platform offering various business and collaborative features, it is intended to accelerate product creation, reduce collection costs and the number of prototypes : “Today, we see that fashion is starting to become aware of the urgency to transform itself, to act differently, to produce better. But 80% of the brands do not have the means to launch this transformation. Our view today is that the gap is widening between the brands that give themselves the means to transform and the others."

In 2020, after 1 year of research & development in particular with Valeo and Lectra, they launch the first prototype solution, which is used by pilot brands and students. Then, at the end of 2021, the first version is finally launched and set up at the first brands.

Céline and David hope with the support of Creative Valley and the ANDAM, to have their first international customers, as well as the launch of a first version on accessories. “The ANDAM innovation is for us, one of the most important price for the "fashion tech" ecosystem, an be finalist represents for us visibilty and support from the industry." testifies the co-founder.

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