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On the occasion of the 2023 ANDAM Innovation Award, we hold a series of meetings with winners and finalists of previous editions, to ensure their follow-up and evolution following this great opportunity.

What are their new goals ? What has changed for them since their victory and support from the ANDAM ? What are their advices to the new startups who will compete this year ?...

Today, we met Ilan PALACCI, Co-Founder & CEO of the Ever dye platform, textile dye revolution, which presents a plug-and-play, greener and faster colouring process, in order to combine creativity and sustainability in the Fashion sector.

1/ Hello, can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

We are Ever Dye, a startup developing a new ecological textile dyeing process. We launched the company a little over a year ago and everything accelerated quickly. Today, we are a growing team of 9, and we have settled in our own laboratory in Paris suburbs.

2/ How did you fell into Fashion ? And Tech ?

We have met at EntrepreneurFirst, an entrepreneurial program linking researchers and engineers/business profiles. Amira was researcher in materials chemistry and had worked on smart textiles and colors. Meanwhile, I'm an engineer by training, and from a Turkish textile industry's family.

We immediately have a lot of ideas and a common desire to develop an impactful solution to clean-up this industry. After 3 months of EntrepreneurFirst, we have decided to officially launched the project with their initial investment.

3/ What are the main features of your solution and why is it a step forward in terms of innovation ?

Today, the dyeing processes are extremely energy-intensive. We have developed tow green chemistry's solution allowing industrials to dye faster at room temperature. Concretely, we developed a pre-treatment that negatively loads a fiber. Therafter, the loaded fiber is putting in contact with our bio-sourced and positively loads dye. As magnets, they'll attach immediately to each other. This is a great progress for the industry, which still relies exclusively on fossil fuels and petrochemical dyes.

4/ You won the ANDAM Innovation Award last year, what has changed for your company thanks to this opportunity ?

The ANDAL Innovation Award has been a great reward. We have gained visibility with fashion players who wanted to test our solutions and partner with us for the industrialization of the product. Moreover, the support also enables us to stay as close as possible to our clients.

5/ During the 2022 edition, your objectives by benefitting from the ANDAM support, was among others, to finalize your research works and success the first room temperature textile dyeing. What is happening today ?

The laboratory versions of the dye's pre-treatment has been finalized, and we start the scaling-up to success this first industrial room temperature dye by mid-2023.

6/ What is your ideal view of tomorrow's Fashion ?

The tomorrow's Fashion must adopt an holistic approach and think to the entire life cycle of the garment. From sustainable eco-conception to the clothes' recyclability, through responsible consumption, all Fashion vertical should be reinvented.

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