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Interview with Fabrice Jonas, Founder of MyFashionTech

On the occasion of the ANDAM 2021 INNOVATION AWARD, we are organising a series of meetings with several members of the jury who present us their vision of tomorrow's Fashion. Today, we are very pleased to interview Fabrice JONAS, Founder of MyFashionTech consulting agency and member of the ANDAM 2021 INNOVATION jury.

Fabrice, we know him well at Creative Valley, as he is one of our illustrious mentors within the ADNxIFM program @StationF.

nous le connaissons bien à Creative Valley puisqu'il est l'un de nos illustres mentors au sein de notre programme ADNx IFM @Station F.

1/ Hello Fabrice, can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

I am Fabrice JONAS and I manage the MyFashionTech consulting agency that creates links between start-up and fashion universes. In other words, we are helping fashion and luxury brands to integrate innovation in their daily lives. In addition, I animate the "Innovation Mode" podcast in which, every wednesday, I discuss with entrepreneurs, designers and creatives who wants to shake the Fashion ecosystem. To resume, I define myself as a FashionTech explorator.

2/ In your opinion, why is innovation still relevant in current days ?

During this uncertain period, companies have learned to become even more flexible. And especially that innovation can't be anymore an option but at the heart of their DNA.

3/ How did you get into Fashion ? And Tech ?

I fell into fashion when I was a teenager and I started to take risks especially in terms of clothing. Henceforth, I noticed that the look on me has changed. And since, I continued to develop this notion of style that I prefer as those of fashion, which is too similar to trends.

About Tech, the social networks allowed me to discover a world which until then seemed to me impossible to reach, an amazing field of possibilities and particularly an immeasurable playground.

That's why, I wished to relate these two universes by creating my agency : MyFashionTech.

4/ An innovation related to Fashion industry that has made a big impression on you ?

Last past year, we presented the innovation award to Tekyn, which allowed to democratize the on-demand production. In my opinion, they have been able to bring up to date, by integration technology, a traditional practice that respects the planet.

5/ What do you expect from the start-ups that will compete this year to the ANDAM Innovation Award ?

I am mainly waiting to be surprised. Thus, I adore discover a project out of the ordinary.

ANDAM look like, in my opinion, to a wonderful microscope of the FashionTech ecosystem.

6/ Do you have an advice to be given to them or to innovation entrepreneurs who entered the Fashion industry ?

Tout simplement d’oser. Et, surtout d’aller confronter ses idées, sa technologie ou son projet auprès d’un maximum de personnes. À travers, l'échange vous allez pouvoir affiner la direction dans laquelle vous allez. À mon sens, il convient d'être toujours en mouvement.

7/ What is your ideal vision of tomorrow's Fashion ?

Tomorrow's Fashion must use technology as a tool in order to be more sustainable. In addition, the fashion system must free itself from certain archaic shakles to become more diverse and inclusive.

8/ Concerning your own business, what are you priorities in terms of innovation ?

At MyFashionTech, our priorities are aimed to, on the one hand, to large groups that have the power to change the Fashion dynamic. In fact, the profits they generate must above all serve a more inclusive and sustainable Fashion. For this purpose, innovation is proving to by an essential ally.

And on the other hand, as we have a startup DNA extremely rooted, we adore support young shoots like Uptrade which saved textiles and support upcycling.

9/ The final word ?

To conclude, I will quote Paulo Coelho, who wrote that

"The future has been created to be changed"

and that's all I wishes to start-ups that will compete this year.

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