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Meeting with Éric Dupont, Director of sustainable development at CHANEL

It is on the occasion of the 2021 ANDAM INNOVATION AWARD that we have the great chance to welcome Éric DUPONT, Director of sustainable development,

1/ What has made the biggest impression on you this year in terms on innovation ?

Developing effective vaccines against COVID-19 in record time !

2/ … and specifically in the Fashion sector ?

A truly effervescence related to the taking into account of sustainable development issues by the industry under the effect of crisis. There is today a wealth of ideas and a growing interest brought to start-ups, which translates to a funding and partnerships multiplication.

To name but two exemples, I will mention mushroom or apple leather which gives rise actually a real craze, as well as the growth of biotechnology use in all fields. All this is undoubtedly inspiring and promising !

3/ What do you expect from the start-ups that will compete for this year's 2021 ANDAM Innovation Award ?

I think that its now essential for the industry to reinvent itself to truly embrace challenges that it faces - including climatic issues. That's why this award must allows to bring out new talents and ideas, or innovative technologies, in terms of sourcing, traceability and circularity, as well as to develop raw material alternatives always more sustainable.

4/ Do you have an advice to be given to them or to the innovation entrepreneurs who have entered the Fashion industry ?

Surrounding yourself with the right people is essentiel - both internally and at the level of its external partners. And understand the expectation of those with whom we work is of course also crucial. What we all need today, is to develop almost immediate, turnkey solutions, and to move forward together, in a collaborative manner, by pooling skills within the framework of a common project. It is also essential to always keep in mind the ethic and sustainable considerations inherent in ant activity, and which are subject to a growing attention from the consumers.

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