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Meeting with Clarisse Reille, General Director of DEFI La Mode De France

On the occasion of the ANDAM 2021 INNOVATION AWARD we are organising a series of meetings with several members of the jury who presents their vision of tomorrow's Fashion. Today, we are very pleased to interview Clarisse Reille, general Director of DEFI La Mode De France.

1/ What has made the biggest impression on you this year in terms of innovation ? And especially in the Fashion sector ?

The most spectacular innovation is certainly Persévérance on Mars, but we're far away from Fashion. For Fashion, several innovations are challenging, because the combine both technology and immaterial : social shopping, emergence of digital fashion, AI. And a particular affection to Tekyn, 2020 winner, that we have been following for a long time, and which I'm sure will favour relocation.

2/ What do you expect from the start-ups that will compete this year to the ANDAM 2021 Innovation Award ?

Three main dimensions. First of all the surprise at the basis for innovation. But also a way of thinking that breaks free from preconceived ideas. Finally, projection towards a caring and positive world, that takes into account humanity and its frailties, outside the dogmas.

3/ Do you have an advice to be given to them or to innovation entrepreneurs who entered the Fashion industry ?

Interest yourself to fashion, it's a fantastic world, where technology, science, dream and creation can and should collaborate. Many innovations can born from collaboration between science and fashion. A new world may open up, it's up to you to turn the key !

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